September 3, 2015

Autumn Inspired Interior Design

Warm up your interiors with some fall friendly design elements…This is a collection of some autumn inspired interior design ideas that I’m crushing on lately…some classic and some on trend. You decide!

It’s important to distinguish between seasonal decor and inspired design…these elements are intended to be subtle and stylish so you will notice there isn’t a pumpkin in sight….plenty of time for that in October:)

1. Cement Tiles in these dreamy pumpkin and paprika colours are stunning. And yes, you can heat cement tiles FYI! Source: Unknown


2. Grass Cloth Wallpaper is always a great choice.  In this bedroom layers and layers of texture make it an absolute Fall Favourite.  Source: Nathan Turner via House Beautiful


3. Keep it light.  Maximize the light by using sheers to diffuse your natural light and light walls to bounce it around.  Change up your look from summer by swapping pillows for darker tones and texture.  Notice the faux fur rug…it adds warmth without being heavy. Go for modern and chic instead of hunting lodge. Source: Unknown


4. Base Cabinets Only.  Using only base cabinets is a fresh and modern approach to kitchen design, and if you can do away with the uppers I highly recommend you try it! I recently did this in a client project with fridge drawers and it turned out great with everything sleek and low.  This kitchen is beautiful and I LOVE the way the earthy tones of the wood and quartz counter top contrasts with the bright white walls. Source: Domaine

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September 3, 2015


Nicole Scott

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