February 27, 2011

Baby Talk

My favourite baby is little miss Ellie and I can’t wait to see her on our visit this week! She has been referred to as the little giraffe because she’s so long and as a result the giraffe theme really took off!

I am hopelessly unqualified to blog about all the necessary gear that the baby needs, but I will take a few moments to highlight some giraffe related items that might suit the sophisticated nurseries of all the little giraffe’s out there.

Keep in mind you should not incorporate all of these elements into one room, and if you have any questions about which ones…I am just an email away:)

Starting with a neutral or white room is key, why not place a giraffe patterned rug on the floor?

Is this Art? Or a hook? You decide…

Pillow for your rocking chair?

This lamp from Sarah Richardson’s show is very cool!

A change of hardware might be right for you?

The artwork you choose will make a style statement. For example:

Photography lends a contemporary & calm feeling to the room:

Modern lends a colorful and graphic element to the room:

 Animated art adds a softer, playful and colorful element to the room:

Mix up your fabrics and try to stay away from literal patterns and jungle themes. I like these…

If you do find one fabric that is really cute, make a pillow, maybe even a floor cushion for you to sit on…but just one!

Decorating your baby’s room has to be one of the most fun in terms of decor.  I hope all you lucky moms and dads have fun with it!!

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February 27, 2011


Nicole Scott

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