July 15, 2012

Bad Dog – Good Market



This weekend my husband and I took advantage of the lovely weather and sat outside on Saturday evening with the neighbors. Meanwhile the dog remained in the house having been walked, fed and watered.  We figured what could go wrong?…Apparently he thinks we have one of these (see hydrant) at the top of the stairs. grrrr not impressed.

On Sunday my luck turned when I hit the Island Mavins Vintage Market in Vic west. It was slightly misty outside but the show went on and I found a few new treasures and so did my friends! Super nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning. We even took time to have tea and scones and take a tour of the historic Point Ellice House on the property…how nice is that!

Hope your weekend was great! Lots of One Room Challenge work going on around here this week! I’ll report on Wednesday as usual. See you then!

Here are some pics of the market…

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July 15, 2012


Nicole Scott