April 8, 2015

Blue Crush Bedroom Ideas

My clients don’t have to worry about making a mistake because I walk them through the process step by step and make sure they are comfortable with the choices we make along the way.  I’m working with some past clients on their master bedroom now and step 1 was finding a great headboard.  The wish was for a blue room, and I convinced them to go neutral for the headboard and we would incorporate blue elsewhere. Here’s the headboard in linen and under budget 🙂


Now I’m showing them bedroom ideas using the new headboard in a few “blue” combinations with bedside tables and linens. These options show them a few different style options and price points and we will tweek them until we get the right combination.

darker blue

contemporary and a little more masculine

lighter blue

Airy and a little more feminine


contemporary and casual with darker bedding.

…And once these selections are made we can move on to lamps and decor…


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April 8, 2015


Nicole Scott

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