November 20, 2013

Blue Printing Weekend Fun

cropped blue printsBeautiful Blue Print Posters hanging to dry…these were made by our workshop participants


Last weekend a collection of brave souls joined Carla (from Trade Roots) and myself  in a Blue Printing Workshop. Everyone made a killer blue printed poster and learned the method so they could make their own at home.  I promised to share the details and the steps here on the blog…so here it is.

You will need:

  • Photographers Formulary Cyanotype Kit 07-0090 or the pre-mixed liquids. (I bought it on
  • Water Colour Paper (the paper will be submerged in a water bath)
  • Paint brush or foam brush
  • Freezer paper to line your work surface and a board to work on
  • Gloves, Apron and no fancy shoes
  • Sink or basins to rinse your picture
  • Sunny Day (or at least a break in a rainy day:)


Steps to make an 8×10 poster:

  1. Select an image you want to re-create in blue print.  Size the image to 8×10 (the size of transparency sheets) and then change the image to black and white ….once it is B/W then invert the image so the black and white parts are reversed. I used but there are lots of free programs online that will help you do this. print the inverted image onto a transparency sheet.
  2. Secure water colour paper to the frezer paper lined surface. (You will be taking your project outside so be sure it is a portable board or tray – we used cardboard lined with freezer paper)
  3. Mix your cyanotype solution in a dark room per the directions and brush it onto the water colour paper in a cross hatch pattern. Cover it well, but don’t use too much liquid – no pooling. It should appear moist and yellow with no REALLY wet spots.  Once covered let it dry.  Once dry repeat this step. This is done in a dark room.
  4. Once your paper is dry place your transparency on top and secure it. You can use tape or place a piece of clean plexi glass or glass on top.
  5. Take your project outside into the sun and place it quickly and keep it still. More direct sun the better, but on a cloudy day it will work…just stay outside a little longer. On a moderately sunny day it takes about 5 minutes. The paper will turn dark green or blue as it exposes.
  6. Remove the glass and the transparency and submerge your project into a bath of water, you can give it a good wash until it runs mostly clear. The last dunk should be in a bath of water and peroxide.  This appears to deepen the blue.
  7. Hang to dry.

042This poster by participant Ryan turned out particularly well. great job everybody!


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November 20, 2013


Nicole Scott

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