August 30, 2012

Closet Case

I don’t bill myself as an organizer per se, but I am a hungry designer looking for chances and challenges. So I’ll take that closet case and make it fan-frickin-tastic!

hmmm…. where to start, cuz it doesn’t look like this folks! (seriously who has this?)

Closets By Design


It is actually pretty modest, but this helps keep the wardrobe in check right?!  Red mark ups show where the existing hanging racks are located. Pretty Basic. (Pics to come soon)

So, I’m going to do what anyone would do…scour the earth for pretty pictures of closets that I like, figure out the commonality and then bring that design board to life!  I found a couple already…


Uh huh, OK, liking the white so far, and oooh the colour coordination. I dig it.



OK the centre island is a bit much but I’m liking the open feeling, and again with the white! I’m taking notes….this is going to be fun!

More on this closet case as it goes… What’s the deal with your closet? Is it a showpiece or shameful? Or somewhere in between?

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August 30, 2012


Nicole Scott