April 11, 2015

Condo before and after

I promised to share some condo before and after shots and details from my recent project. So here you have it… my global hi/lo condo on a budget.

DSC_0207 (2)

A global inspiration mixing High and Low items…

DSC_0319 1100 pix

The entire place was green. I painted it Benjamin Moore Pale Oak in order to create a nice backdrop for his art (which he is bringing to fill up the wall spaces)

DSC_0100 1100 pix

The kitchen was also green..had to go!

DSC_0101 1100 pix

For this project, in addition to furnishing and decorating the condo, my assistant Kelly completely outfitted his kitchen to his specifications so he was ready to start cooking as soon as he arrived!

DSC_0335 1500 pix (2)

The master bedroom was small and green. I had custom curtains made and the fabric inspired the rest.

DSC_0107 1100 pix

This was my client mood board for this room…pretty close~

bedroom mash 600 pix

DSC_0250 1000 pix

That’s a historical map of Victoria dating t0 1889. A great perspective piece for a new resident of Victoria!

DSC_0331 (2) 800 pix

I changed the hardware on this dresser and what a transformation! I wanted to keep it. I asked my client to email some of his b/w photographs from Thailand so I could add something to the walls. He has his own art that he will bring to the space…but I couldn’t leave the walls completely naked…so this was my solution that was both personal and inexpensive!

DSC_0204 (2)mu

The chair was a splurge but every guy needs a chair…this one’s a gooder from my friends at Muse and Merchant

DSC_0326 800 pix

another example of cheap and cheerful…I enlarged two sunset photos of Phuket and BC for a little colour in the kitchen and maybe a little sentimentality too:)

DSC_0222 (2) 800 pix

When discussing the furniture plan we agreed that he didn’t need a dining room table in the spot where the builder indicated the dining room table should go. No, I thought a table used as a desk most of the time was way more practical and I used this handsome antique reproduction table from Vancouver’s Antique Market to do the trick. It’s easy to pull out when he has guests but out of the way and super functional the rest of the time…


Of course I had a few good projects to take on…like this cool cane chair from Used Victoria. I recovered the seat and voila!

small pedatastal table BA

I went down into a lady’s basement for this little pedestal table gem on Used Victoria (don’t worry..Kelly came with me for protection:) It didn’t need anything except a job and I put it to work in the living room.

coffee table BA

And finally, my fave score for the condo was this coffee table. For this Used Victoria purchasing adventure one of my clients actually came with me for security. Thanks Robbi! You’re the greatest:)

So that’s it. We will add in some of his art and “things” and make it totally his. This was a fun one!

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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April 11, 2015


Nicole Scott

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