October 26, 2010

Cone Head

I recently sifted through christmas magazine’s and photos and decided that I wanted to go a bit more rustic, a bit more back to nature with my holiday decorations this year..and yes a bit more ‘not from the store paying the big bucks’.  And so I know it’s early to think about Christmas and holiday decor, but now is the time to start collecting foliage and other tree droppings in the forest while it’s still sunny/dry and my dog is still willing to make frequent stops.

Yesterday was my first foray into the forest and I easily filled a plastic bag with pine cones, spiders and one giant beetle.  I plan to enlist the neighborhood children in collecting pine cones too in order to speed up the process.  I may make a wreath, or I may fill glass vessels with the pine cones and other natural items I scavenge from the hood.  I encourage you to take a walk, and keep your eyes on the ground for treasures, notice the different kinds of coniferous trees you have in your area and note the differences in their cones. (Tip. I brought a pair of tongs to do the picking)


Update:  See how nice they look!!  I’m heading back to the forest to get more! (Local Tip – Gorge area in Esquimalt has nice ones!! hubba hubba)

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October 26, 2010


Nicole Scott

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