April 11, 2011

Creative Art

As I decorate and furnish this big old house I am always searching for inexpensive ideas and design solutions.  My most recent online hunt involved some art/photography or anything creative that was somewhat related to our life past/present/future.  I started with the obvious (Beautiful BC), and to be honest I didn’t range far from this initial theme because there are SO many cool pieces to be had, or to make yourself.

Vintage Posters – this is a great way to fill up some space on the cheap, and they can say something about you and your experiences. So if you loved your trip to Cuba, Hawaii or Mexico, why not find something like this instead of a non-descript print from a decor store. I found these at Art.com

Vintage Posters of BC, or places we have lived are also a favourite of mine. In fact I have this ferry poster to commemorate our move to the Vancouver Island. I like it’s cool graphic look and everyone (in BC) recognizes the iconic ferry boat image.

First Nation Art is something everyone should invest in. I have a few favourite west-coast artists, but Andy Everson stands out among them as an artist who really has the ability to translate his history and culture into modern beautiful works of art that almost anyone can relate to.  The fact that his work is so accessible and affordable makes him an absolute favourite of mine. These two pieces demonstrate his talent and ability to tell a story through his art, as well as his young and fun use of his medium. Go Canucks! Check him out!

Photography. This is an easy one for you to do yourself.  You can frame your photos, or there are companies online(and maybe in Victoria too?) that will print your image to canvas and then stretch it onto a frame. Voila! If you’re not into the DIY there a million amazing shots of the varied beauty and heritage of BC. These two shots are from etsy and Art.com

Some Sites you should check out for online Art options, or visit a local gallery or art show:

20 x 200





The most important message I have on this topic is to try to make your home personal. It should reflect you and the items you choose to put in it should represent you in some way. Maybe you just really loved it, that’s enough of a reason. But don’t just buy something and hang it up because it has the right colors in it. You will enjoy a piece that says something about you or reminds you of something good for years and years to come. Trust me!

Contact me if you want some help making the place you live, a place you love. nicole@scottdeisgns.ca

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April 11, 2011


Nicole Scott

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