August 27, 2015

Design TV Guide

It’s that time of year again when I start dreaming about boots, blazers and awesome design TV shows for those rainy winter nights here on the west coast. Let’s get right into it…My top picks!

flipping-outMy absolute fave is on right now on Thursdays on HGTV, and I hate that Flipping Out and summertime end around the same time. It’s Double sad. This season Jeff and Gage are getting ready to have a baby and they sold Grammercy, that big beautiful house on the hill.


million dollar listing san franciscoA close second is all the eye candy (of the real estate & boys in suits variety) to be had in the Million Dollar Listing series on Bravo.  I’m hopelessly hooked on New York and LA and now San Francisco has been added to the fray. This new one is starting now and airs on Slice on Monday nights. Seriously set your PVR.

I haven’t gotten over the fact that Bravo hasn’t filmed a third season of Million Dollar Decorators. Seriously why? OMG I loved this show so much! Please come back Mary, Nathan, Martyn, Kathryn, JAM and Ross. Oh, and all the dogs too please:)


This season’s round up of TV programs is kind of sad. No news from Nate, Genevieve or Thom and I heard a rumour that Candice Olson might have a new show this year but nothing solid that I could find.  There are a couple new-ish shows like Masters of Flip and Fixer Upper which follow cute young flipping couples through their experiences….but I think I’m learning that I want to see WOW..Ba BAM! Super expensive interiors and ridiculously entertaining designers and realtors doing their thang.  I’ll keep you posted, and in the meantime don’t call on Thursday or Monday nights. As you can see, I’m busy:)

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August 27, 2015


Nicole Scott

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