November 29, 2011

Porte Française

Ever want to put in a french door instead of your basic builder door? Ever think “oh they are probably really expensive” and give up on the idea? Well I’ve been doing research….like I do…and thought I would share my Victoria French Door results…cause I’m nice like that.  These prices don’t include milling (which just means cutting out that area where the hinges and doorknobs go and cutting the door to size) …but they’ll tell you all about it when you go get a door for your place so read this and then go….go ….

The Usual Suspects Rona, Home Depot, Windsor Plywood

Traditional, Primed, 15 openings

Left Home Depot :  $109                                                                                         Right Rona: $159











 Contemporary, 5 lite

Left Home Depot primed $135                                                                             Right Rona: Unfinished $139











My Recommendations

Either of these options above are great but consider…do you want to paint those mullions? (the grid over the glass?) My answer to that question is NO because Ive done it before and it SUCKS! So I would opt for an internal grid style door, a door with fewer glass panels (like this one left  from Home Depot for  $140)  or leaded glass like this one right from Windsor Plywood.


If you are space challenged you can still have the great look of a french door with the smaller 10 Lite version. Home Depot has a primed one for $109. Totally reasonable and adorable in small spaces.

If you are looking for the best bargain (and a weekend project). The Rona unfinished Pine Door is only $69.

I know you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you my opinion anyway. Clear glass is the way to go. Resist the urge to get rain glass or frosted or striped or any other kind of texture.  If you must get a design choose a classic timeless motif and not a frosted pantry sign or wolf baying at the moon..I hope no one actually makes that.

So get building that frame peeps and add value to your home. Everyone Loves French Doors!!! I ll share some pics with you when I’m done.

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November 29, 2011


Nicole Scott

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