November 1, 2015

He was Everything

You might have noticed that I dropped outa sight for awhile recently.  The reason is simple, I have a broken heart. I had to say good-bye forever to my lovely boy, and constant companion of more than 12 years.  He was so smart, strong and handsome and he taught me everything I know about being hopeful, loving and the undeniable goodness of cheese.  I miss him so much, and even as I  write these words more than a week after that horrible day I am still so so sad.


I hope you will understand how much he meant to me, and how utterly confusing it is to be without him. He wasn’t just my dog, he was everything. I wish you could have known him, although not many people did… he wasn’t super cool with new humans. He knew what he liked and didn’t see the point of straying far from his favorite things.


He loved riding in the car with his head hanging out the window. He was so damn cute that people were always drawn to him but if they got too close he quickly told them to “fuck-off” with his big bounding bark.


He grew old with dignity and over the years he showed several younger dogs in our lives how to be cool.  There were setbacks along our journey, like the time he lost an eye a few years ago, but like a total rock star he adapted and so did we.  We had a wonderful vet and a peaceful Good-bye at our home but the feeling that it all happened too fast isn’t fading. Hug your babes today whatever species they might be because we cannot keep them forever.


I’ll be mending my heart for the next long while – but don’t be afraid to ask about him, or tell me how much you loved him too. Remembering him actually makes me feel better.

He was Everything.

I miss you K.



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November 1, 2015


Nicole Scott

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