July 1, 2015

Filling a Family Home Part1

Even when it’s hot, I have to be on my game. So, when some awesome new clients purchased a big ‘ol house in Langford this past May, I had to kick it into gear to help them find some budget & kid friendly furniture ASAP.  Once they got possession we started the Paint and flooring conversation right away.  We agreed to go dark and make it very cozy, but still have a west coast vibe…not too mountain cabin-y. You get me? They showed me some pics from Houzz.com of a home they loved and it was bold so I agreed to help them do it – but they had to be brave to achieve the look. Wide plank flooring was a must and the main wall colour we settled on was Porcini by Benjamin Moore. I know they were scared of the dark colour on painting day – but I also knew it would be awesome and they trusted me enough to see it through.

*forgive the iPhone pics

living 1

With flooring and painting underway I was scouring the earth for furniture for these guys, and scored a couple essential pieces for the living dining room on Used Victoria. When you move to a bigger place, it can be shocking how your old furniture is too small, and you dont have enough of it. So although they were unsure about why I was sending them all these tables to look at – it’s clear now that they needed more pieces.

used victoria scores

So, even though we have a long way to go – my client was really wanting a few interior design touches to make her construction zone feel like home, so I styled up a few corners of the front living room, and she’s really happy now and motivated to keep going.  I’ll blog about these fun decorating segments soon, for now just some pics.

styling 2

styling 1

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!


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July 1, 2015


Nicole Scott

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