March 17, 2015

Fireplace Wall Design

Wow Victoria, there is a real reno and real estate buzz in the air right now, and thanks to you my email and phone are busier than ever!  I’ve been getting allot of casual inquiries lately asking about how I work with clients, and for all of you who are on the fence and don’t know if working with a designer is right for you, I can share a little about what I do and how I do it.  I’ve been working on a fireplace wall design concept for a client and this is a great example of how I take what you have and make it better. This client does not want to invest in lots of custom work because it is not a forever home, but they want it warm and family friendly with my signature style. So, in this example I provided a creative concept by email (which is my usual format) illustrating an update to the pink wall to wall carpet and existing wood burning fireplace (but there is no need to upgrade to gas in this case). I added some great furniture pieces that they can take with them when/if they move and a selection of art and accessories that will bring it all together. It is going to look amazing. So, this is a real time, actual project I’m working on this week for clients in Victoria. Do you need some help?

fireplace concept

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