April 26, 2011

Fireplace Facelift

Within weeks of moving in I wanted to re-do the fireplace, but these things take time…Here is the before shot – forgive the paint samples…

First thing to do was remove the old tiles. Not difficult they were glued on, and not very well I might add! Check out my drywall repair job..sweet.

Next we got organized with the tools (west saw, tape measure, level, mortar, bucket, water jug, fully charged drill, drill bit mixing attachment, trowel, old rags and an apron (the saw is MESSY). We protected the floor with a carpet of cardboard boxes and watched several how to videos on the internet. 🙂

We started with the “easiest” part first  (the part with the fewest fussy cuts) to get the hang of it. Oh and I painted the shelves and mantle with a few coats of Mustang by Benjamin Moore hoping I could just do a touch up coat after all was said and done…

My husband Chris made friends with the tile saw rather quickly and we got’er done over two weekends. We love that it looks like it has always been there.

Final step is to paint the shelves and mantle again. I dont like Mustang anymore so opted for Iron Mountain, by Benjamin Moore instead. The brown is actually a great primer for this dark charcoal grey so it’s all good. A couple more coats and I’m finished!


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April 26, 2011


Nicole Scott

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