April 2, 2011

Foto Frame Up

Even for those of us who are confident about our design abilities the assembly of a gallery wall can be intimidating…You know it could be cool, or a total mess.  I posted awhile back on the technique and here is my first attempt this weekend.  Note** that I had several other pieces set aside for this project but edited it down to just these.  I may add more in the days/weeks to come… but I stopped at this point because each piece means something to me and I didnt want to just fill up the wall for the sake of filling it up.   It’s not easy to find the right balance of weight, colour, size and position – I will know in a few days if I can live with it or not.

1. At our wedding the idea of us as Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo, took off and we kinda liked it. This painting is from an etsy artist in Barcelona Spain named Judy Kaufman and I love it because if you look close you see that Batman IS a girl…(I knew I was batman all along bit it’s nice to have confirmation:)

2. This is a doctored photograph entitled Ulysses L. Buffalo.  When I saw it on Etsy, I had to have it.

3. I love Buffalo, I love art cards, and I love Jimmy Wright,  this one is called Red Taurus and it was a birthday art card many years ago from my dear friend Jeffie.

4. Is a big old wooden S. ‘S’ is the first letter of both of our last names.

5. This is a postcard I’ve had on my various fridges over the years. Maynard Johnny Jr.

6. This ink sketch of Victoria landmarks is the ultimate doodle that I picked up at a Christmas gift show last year.

7. My Most Favoritist Family, the Robinsons.

8. An art card print of Bastion Square in downtown Victoria by artist Diane Adolphe.


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April 2, 2011


Nicole Scott

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