February 7, 2013

Furniture Designer to Watch – Oliver Scott


I want to introduce you to a new talent in the Victoria design community; his name is Oliver Scott (no relation) and he is a phenomenal wood worker and furniture designer with a new local company… Caledonia Silva.  His style is a fresh mix of Danish Modern and Arts and Crafts which you can see in his portfolio projects here.  My favourite piece so far is the Honeybee sideboard…isn’t it awesome!

honeybee x2

Oliver moved to Victoria from Scotland about 4 years ago with a desire for a life change and a passion for furniture design.  His work pays homage to old world joinery traditions but has a cool modern sensibility and edge that make these pieces so appealing for contemporary living.

Oliver has several pieces available and is working on a line of furniture to launch next year. (Watch him take IDS West 2013 by storm) His goal as a designer and craftsman is to make his creations as accessible as possible without compromising on materials or technique; and trust me,  he is so approachable that you are welcome to contact him to see his work or to collaborate with a truly gifted wood worker & commission a piece.

When I met with him recently I found his Scottish accent utterly charming combined with a gracious and humble cast when asked about his many talents.  I wanted to know what he loved most about his new wood working venture and he effortlessly related that he loves problem solving and working with wood creatively but that the greatest feeling he gets is from designing a piece and having somebody really like it!

So hey, If you like his work, be sure to tell him:) He’s on facebook

I’m sure that as a new business there are many new projects on the horizon for Caledonia Silva, but as a decorator I am most excited about Oliver’s plans to start producing wood Barn Doors! Yes!! You read it right.  I’ll be featuring his Barn Door creations as soon as they are done…email him if you want to know more.

All the best to you Oli! You are a Designer to Watch!

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