July 5, 2011

Heart of Gold

Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. It’s a favourite!! This weekend I took a sad looking large size canvas I bought on discount at Winners (Good tip: there’s no way you could get such a large canvas for so cheap at the art supply store) and decided to re-invent it.  I used mod podge all over it to add some texture to the canvas and let it dry. Then I painted it all over with a coat of dark brown paint (left over from my fireplace mantle colour mishap).  Once dry I smudged black and some metallic paint all over the brown base to get some movement. Once dry I printed off the lyrics and started to stencil the lyrics onto the canvas in various shades of gold metallic paints. Here are the results:

It looks a bit weird with the flash but the results in person are terrific. I’m really happy with it. Super easy DIY Idea for all you crafters out there!!

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July 5, 2011


Nicole Scott

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