November 23, 2014

Holiday Decorating Tip #3 – Songza


My tip this week is to select some great tunes to get you in the mood to decorate. I’m obsessed with Songza (a free Music site) on my computer and my iPhone and I can tell you that the xmas playlists they have ARE the soundtrack to my holiday season!

If you’re like me you have had various colour phases with your tree decor… This year my goal is an Authentic Christmas  and so I picked the most special ornaments at random from each of my whims from Christmas past … I also enlisted an impartial third party to hang the ornaments (my two nieces) so you can be guaranteed that anything they ever made me out of macaroni is featured front and center. It’s cool, and I like it.  The only thing I would do differently is to tell them at the beginning This is NOT a race:)DSC_1214[1] 600 pix

This year I also opted to use my summer garden globe lights instead of my little Christmas strings. Those old Christmas ones were half burnt out anyway, and I like the slightly retro feel of the big fat bulbs.

DSC_1216[1]  600 pix

So there it is, my happy random and big bulb Christmas tree for 2014. My nieces selected the teen pop Christmas playlist from Songza while we did this holiday decorating…I didn’t know Beiber wasn’t cool anymore. Now I’m off to get the sparkles off my face.

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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November 23, 2014


Nicole Scott

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