November 1, 2014

Holiday Decoration Ideas – Tip #1 Berries

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Every holiday season I get lots of requests for holiday decoration ideas and I simply LOVE helping clients decorate their homes for the holidays.  Did you know that I can help with everything from tree placement and colour choices to arranging beautiful vignettes using your existing decorations?  In addition to my in home design and shopping services I also LOVE to share my tips and tricks for a beautiful holiday display…so… even if you don’t have me over for eggnog, you can still get my decorating input:)

Now, I know it has been a hot minute since Halloween so, let’s take it easy and start off slow. Remember that we are working our way up to the big enchilada and these are little steps that you can take in November to start to get in the spirit of the season…no matter which holiday you celebrate.

Let’s start now, here’s holiday Decor tip #1. Berries in a Vessel. Yep …you take some berries and put’em in someth’in. Simple Simple and beautiful. You can do this, I know you can.

Tip –  I will use the berry stems for a centerpiece now and in December I stick them in the branches of my decorated tree.  If the colour doesn’t match your tree ornaments a couple bursts of spray paint will do the trick.Fall-Berries-in-Vase

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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November 1, 2014


Nicole Scott

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