July 28, 2011

Table Talk

This week after Million Dollar Decorators the blog world was abuzz over Jeffrey’s purchase of an occassional table instead of a coffee table for his sun room. Gasp…I know…riveting. I think this angle is played out and I’m actually more interested in the provenance of the table itself anyway.  Over a year ago I copied this picture, not knowing who was behind it…only that I loved it’s cheeky chunky and cheerful design.  Now thanks to the show I know it is by John Dickenson.

Lonny Jun-Jul 2010

Now everyone is talking about John Dickenson’s work because of the TV show’s popularity and why not, he sounds like he was a cool guy…and his designs speak for themselves.  If you’re interested the Style Saloniste blog written by Diane Dorrans Saeks has a nice article written about him.

If only Jeffrey could have bought more than one for his sun room…a group of three would have been perfect and cheap…only 51k!

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July 28, 2011


Nicole Scott

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