February 17, 2011

Designer Living – Kathryn M. Ireland

My admiration for textile and interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland borders on creepy but I thought I would come out of hiding and share some of my very favourite pictures of her interiors so that you too can gain an appreciation for her oh, so comfortable California style.  Known for her generous use of layers of colourful fabrics and a love for Spanish style architecture she has become wildly famous and sought after by the Hollywood elite; even so, she remains a favourite of mine.

Her textiles and pillows are so cheerful and inspiring.

On her approach to design: KI “It’s simple, because it’s what I want my own house to be — unpretentious and welcoming. It’s that thing of letting a room evolve. I don’t think too much. I don’t put too much importance on any one thing. I’m just attracted to certain objects and somehow I know it’s all going to work.”

On Mixing all those patterns: KI “Confidence. If you do things with confidence, they come off. A house, like a dog, takes on the persona of its owner. If you have confidence, your house will have confidence.”

On why her casual style is so appealing: KI“I think it’s just the way I mix things up. I want it to feel fresh and approachable. We’re all drawn to warmth and amusement, fun, food, laughter. At the end of the day, I want conversation and friends and a glass of wine, with my dogs lying in every-one’s laps. That’s what it’s all about.”

Creating casual, comfortable and effortless looking style is not, in fact, effortless.  Let me help you achieve your design goals by giving you the confidence to use pattern & colour and to mix old and new pieces to create a casual “lived in” interior that you will love! email me anytime nicole@scottdesigns.ca

 Photos from House Beautiful Ojai Article; Interview Responses from House Beautiful Ursula Brooks Cottage article

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February 17, 2011


Nicole Scott

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