August 31, 2012

Kid Stuff

One of my most exciting projects at the moment is the re-decoration of a newborn baby boys room and that of  his toddler sister.  As often happens, Baby Mamma and I started out talking about the boys room ,looking at some options and then we added the girls room to the project too. I love that!

Today I ordered some art from and Etsy which are invaluable sources when working with out of town clients. Using sites like these I can show exactly what I like for their room and they can choose yay or nay.  I also like them for the affordability because in a baby’s room you are realistically choosing pieces that are likely to change in the next couple years.

You can click below to see how the boys room started with a request for an Orange and Brown scheme and then morphed into something a little less Orange and Brown 🙂

Here’s a couple other favourite things that I will run by Baby Mamma soon and see what she thinks

 One of these Candy Lamps I found at

Or this Flokati Rug from IKEA that would make floor time more cushy.

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August 31, 2012


Nicole Scott

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