July 24, 2015

Langford BC Living Room

Who says that the suburbs have to be boring?  This builder home layout is repeated throughout the clients westshore development but changing up its tired palette and predictable layout has made this house totally unique.  I switched around the location of the living and dining areas and had an electrician add a junction box for a new light location over the client’s large round dining table.  I sold the beige chairs that came with the table and added a slightly edgy-er chair in a distressed black leather. The Blue on the walls was selected with the slate stone in mind and adds a moody, slightly more urban, feeling to this room.

DSC_0589 (2) 600 pix DSC_0592 (2) 600 pix

A mix of Kilim and vintage IKEA Kuba Cloth pillows lend a casual and collected vibe to the loveseat. Notice I removed the back cushions in favour of large feather Kilim pillows in order to allow for as many mixed pillows as possible without compromising the ability to actually sit on the thing:)

DSC_0593 (2) 600 pix DSC_0606 (2) 600 oix

The whole house in Langford BC  is filled with real life, real people objects that give this home the authentic feeling that my clients love. It’s not me , it’s them… and their stuff that makes it work. I just put the combinations together!DSC_0619 (2) 600 pix DSC_0626 (2) 600 pix DSC_0630 (3)  600 pixbefore

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love….contact me, I can help!

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