Hourly Rate

Designer by the hour

Hourly rates may be right for you, if you want help selecting...

paint colours,




Sourcing fabric,



window coverings etc.

Or, any design job that is less than a day of work.

Daily Rate

Daily Rate

Choose the daily rate if you need....

A plan for your space,

Help determining your style,

Some visual tools or design board concepts to follow,

Help selecting and purchasing furniture,

Help selecting colours, finishes etc

Help selecting trusted trades,

Help pulling it all together at the end.


  • The Daily rate hours (7.0hrs) are banked for convenience and savings and can be held for up to 6 months.


Design Boards

The E-Design Board concept allows me to give you my great style AND my super sources so that you can pull it together yourself.

I know you can do it!

starting at $500 the Design Board pkg includes:

1 hour of consult time (via skype, phone and email)

custom design board and layout for 1 room

1 revision of the custom design concept

List of products, sources and prices

*Additional rooms and revisions can be negotiated.

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