November 9, 2015

Local Love for Arostegui Studio

Don’t you love how Victoria is such a small town? Your chances of running into someone special are very high and last week I ran into one of my favourite local craftsmen; Cristian Arostegui G.  Cristian is gearing up for the holidays with some outstanding Charcuterie boards that… well, ummm …TOTALLY got my attention.  If you love Charcuterie, or are looking for a super stylish and thoughtful hostess gift (or a gift for your favourite interior designer) then look no further.

Charcuterie tray12- Arostegui Studio

Cristian’s use of off-cuts is ethical, beautifully simple and waaay functional.

Charcuterie tray6- Arostegui Studio

I love the the play of the various angles and the thumb hole (is that what the thumb hole is called?)

Charcuterie tray10- Arostegui Studio

His imaginative finishes range from raw to stained to burnt…how cool.

Charcuterie tray1- Arostegui Studio

So whether it is sushi or cheese that you crave, you could probably use one of the beauties. Show some local love for Arostegui Studio and Click here to inquire about yours. Prices range from $35-$45. Run, don’t walk!

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November 9, 2015


Nicole Scott

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