January 22, 2017

Loving Lately – Product Picks

No apologies for not being able to post much – working, living you know the drill. But just because I’m hustl’in does not mean that I don’t get stopped in my tracks by cool and beautiful things.  No way, it happens all the time cuz I am constantly scouring the earth for my amazing clients and although they all have different tastes and very different homes, the one thing they have in common is me!  That little bit of me, that thread that runs through each project is the part that really gets me excited and I figured that I have a few pretty great things to share – so why not! Here are some pieces that I’m Loving Lately and which are are making it (hopefully making it) into my projects for 2017 – The unofficial Loving Lately –  Product Picks just for you!

Product Picks:


Gorgeous Art Deco Vanity – I’m so in love! via wayfair


Night Swimming Photography – A twist on the preppy beach scenes via Matthew Farrar


16 drawers = 16 possible stashed twix bars via Muse and Merchant

weigel-chair-normal plaid fox 350

Like a fave pair of jeans – Everyone should have this denim chair – via Plaid Fox

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love….contact me, I can help!

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January 22, 2017


Nicole Scott

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