January 7, 2014

Obsessed With Layered Rugs

It’s dangerous when I have lots of work to do and all I REALLY want to do is look at rugs online.  It’s true I am obsessed and this  time it is with layered rugs.  Over the holidays I spotted a little design goodness in the form of layering rugs…that is, laying out two similar looking carpets to make one large and totally awesome one! Umm genius! So, although I should be reading for a research contract about summer frosts and root crops in 1881….. I bought this instead. Is that bad? I have issues.

ARDABILThe actual inspiration for this Tuesday night procrastination is that I am going to layer rugs in one of my client’s homes and I’ve been playing around with pictures  and figuring out why sometimes it works – and other times not so much. Check out these examples below…it’s really not rocket science, and when you think about it it’s cheaper than buying a large rug… and more versatile too. You can move the small guys around much easier.

So, I have step one complete on my journey to a  layered look with this new Iranian beauty and I will be on the hunt for a suitable companion in the weeks to come.   For my client’s place I am layering a Persian on sea-grass…it is going to be fab!

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January 7, 2014


Nicole Scott