February 13, 2013

One Room Challenge – Not Sew Easy

Hi Peeps thanks for coming back to check out my ORC project! I’m working on a girl glam apartment…

This week the dining room is done, and I’m moving on to some other DIY projects in the living room. Here’s how it looked Saturday morning after I styled it a little…cute right!!!

010 (2) marked up

When the quote to slipcover these 4 simple IKEA chairs came back at $800 my client and I had a discussion to look at other options.  Truth is that with a small budget there weren’t many, and I sooo badly wanted to update the floral pattern chairs.  So, in a moment of pure insanity, ……no, bravado …..no, unfounded confidence…I was heard to say “Oh yeah, they look simple. I can sew them..” Ugh  So the last couple weeks I’ve been sewing, and seam ripping and drinking and crying. OK, not crying…but LOTS of procrastinating and complaining to my dear husband. So the take away here folks is that I’m Not Gonna Do It Again.

Not Sew Easy After all! This challenge should be called IRC “I R Crazy” Cuz I get way too jacked up with excitement for these projects.

Dining Chairs Mash

There were some bright spots though…We got the Rug from IKEA (yay!). And swapped out the old Light for a new one…much better.


I did a little thrift store shopping for accessories and my client bought a bench on Used Victoria (our local version of Craigslist) She’s awesome!  I’ll be re-covering it for next weeks update…I know what you’re thinking…but it’s not the same as sewing slipcovers…I’m OK with it…really I am.

list 2 week 2

Oh, and of course I should show you a proper before pic…

001 (2)


Check out the other ORC senoritas and see what they’ve got cook’in this week! This is SO much fun!


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February 13, 2013


Nicole Scott