October 10, 2012

Pillow Whisperer

I don’t do ‘Pillow Talk’, I’m a pillow whisperer. So, last week when a reader emailed me a question about her pillows I knew just what to do.  She wanted to incorporate one of my pillows into the mix (smart girl!) and she needed help with sizes, colours and patterns. She told me she wasn’t afraid of colour or pattern and loved orange especially.  COOL!  Her couch is an ivory herringbone and she already had an orange sunburst pillow to work into the scheme.  Here’s what I cam up with (click the pic to see bigger image).

I told you she’s smart right?! Yeah, because she went for it and over the next couple weeks we are putti’n those pillows into place.  Pier 1 has some really beautiful velvet pillows and of course Etsy continues to be an amazing resource for pillows like the Schumacher’s I have shown: Etsy sources (Ivory Hot House Floral / Aqua Chiang Mai Dragon). I hope she sends us an after shot! I’ll keep it a secret which one she chose until the reveal….which amazing Schumacher print do you favour?

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October 10, 2012


Nicole Scott

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