January 31, 2014

Pipe and Board Shelving

It’s no secret that I have a design crush on Trade Roots on Herald Street. I love them cause they make awesome custom pieces at an affordable price.  For instance, right now I have a client wanting pipe and board shelving in the living room. So of course, I think of them to build it and then my thoughts turn to Kyle Schuneman’s awesome living room (BELOW) utilizing this DIY shelf goodness for inspiration. It’s one thing to build it, but another to fill it properly. And that’s where I come in!


I think it’s tres importantay to make sure your shelves are spaced to show off your things in a balanced and collected/cool sort of way.  It’s easy to do it wrong, so I figured I would show you some examples of filling this style of shelves to their best advantage. Think about shape, colour, size left to eight and back to front. Utilize the whole shelf. It’s totally finE to have some accessories from HomeSense tossed into your mix but it shouldn’t all be new stuff especially with this sort of vintage industrial look – You will probably have to hit the Vintage stores cause mixing is Key!

pipes mashI like a fuller look, so I want to see books and stuff, and YOU when I take a browse over by your bookshelf. So represent yourself well and display all the weird and wonderful things that make you unique. Measure some of your tallest books’n things to make sure they’re gonna fit.

suspipeYou can consider painting the wall behind your pipe and board too. This black backdrop looks great and adds to the industrial feel.

suspipblkIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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January 31, 2014


Nicole Scott

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