December 4, 2012

Pop Up Shop – Industrial Treasures

My dear readers, I know you’re wondering where’s t– USEDay VICTORIA? It’s here, just a little ways down,  mixed into all this vintage industrial chic. Stay with me. It’s cool.

You’ve all heard about Pop-Up shops right? It’s a temporary shop that pops up to sell a discrete collection of goods for a short period of time.  Victoria’s newest, and arguably coolest, pop-up shop is located inside the Trade Roots Home Decor and Furniture store on Herald Street in the Design District.  The shop is curated by the mysterious and worldly Marco who has a true passion for industrial vintage and a great eye for styling and interior design. 

I had an opportunity recently to talk to Marco about the shop and all his STUFF. This is what he had to say…

  • I wanted to know (and I’m sure you do too) where he get’s all this great stuff…  he told me most of it is from summer road trips in his VW bus into the states, some is from trips overseas and a significant, and increasing, amount is sourced locally.  I forgave him right away for not divulging all his secret sources…he’s charming like that…grrrr….I guess we just let him do the leg work and buy stuff in his shop.  Solved:) One tip he gave is that he’s going to shop the American heartland next. That’s a pretty big area but a tip nonetheless.  BTW his VW Bus trips are chronicled here.
  • Finding vintage industrial pieces in working order is tricky, but Marco is very handy and works on every piece whether it be simply polishing, to full scale repair. He aims to sell only goods that are ready to use or display and  offers custom solutions and installations for clients who want it.

  • Obviously, he’s a collector and he hinted at the treasure trove in his private home.  Oy! Can you imagine:) The pop up shop features a great cross section of his collection of  industrial vintage signs, lighting, boxes, books and vessels.  Cool accessories too, such as antlers, globes, maps, telephones and the like.  You can spend awhile in this tiny space just taking it all in.
  • Although it’s totally mean and horrible to make a collector choose a favourite piece…I did….and he pointed to this large tin enamel sign for Three Stars. The product advertised  is unknown (we both think it was a Chicago tobacco company) but the graphic image, the size and beautifully preserved colours make it an easy choice for a fave! I love it!

  • If you are looking for a cool pendant light or lamp that is an authentic vintage piece… This is your chance. I love hearing the provenance of vintage decor and Marco has the stories for each great item.
  • I asked him if he had any advice for people scouting for their own vintage treasures. He said be “open minded, be eclectic in tastes, and if you love it, buy it without question now to avoid disappointment later.” Amen.
  • You should come down and see what the shop has in store.  Marco himself is there on Saturdays and you can usually catch him there during the week working on projects in the back. Store hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:30-5pm  and Sunday 11-4. Located at 545 Herald St.

These are two of the pendants Marco has for sale online. Click the Images below for links to Used Victoria.










  • What’s Next for Marco? Well, this Renaissance man has resisted opening a shop or online store because he is a traveler to the core and doesn’t want to be tied down.  However, he has committed to additional pop up shops in Victoria, Vancouver and Washington next summer and seems to be making the gradual shift from collecting to selling. Wherever his future shop lands is a lucky place!
  • I’m sure we will all be hearing more from Marco in the future as this local boy makes it big. His latest project, a school bus conversion…yes yellow school bus, is so fantastic it is being featured in Australia’s Vogue Living Magazine….yes Vogue.

Neat guy, great vintage industrial collection! Check it out

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December 4, 2012


Nicole Scott