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December 31, 2016


Update a tired condo.  The space and location were great so my client didn’t want to move.  Instead he decided to upgrade the existing finishes like swapping the tub for a shower, purchased some new furniture and changed the wall colours and carpets to suite his taste.


This job was really smooth – the only hiccup was that the plumbing for the bathroom sink exited out the side of the vanity – my my contractor and I had to develop a clever Ikea Hack to accommodate the pipe and maintain the drawer function on the new floating vanity. Crisis averted.


A cool new bachelor pad for a an amazing man.  Victoria is a whole lot more interesting with him in it!

The Team

Design & Styling – Nicole Scott

Tile work and construction – Mode Design & Contracting

Carpet & Tile – Hourigans

Blinds – Ruffell and Brown