Hampshire Basement Suite


Client WorkHouse


June 26, 2016


Janet and Tim


This sweet little Hampshire basement suite was dark and damp before my clients and I enlisted the help of MAC renovations in Victoria. I selected a wood look tile and heated the floors to keep it warm all year ’round.  The kitchen and bath were outdated and gross so we gutted the place, took care of the moisture and built it back up again.


In a small space creativity counts so I opted for a Queen size Murphy bed with surrounding shelves/drawers and also hacked some IKEA cabinets in the kitchen to maximize storage. The walls are light and creamy to keep it as bright as possible and we used much of the client’s existing furniture.


The little details make it. The thoughtful and neutral colour palette, the niche shelving and custom built in’s add special touches that increase function and elevate the whole space to the next level.  On this project we splurged and saved in order to achieve the desired outcome. Eberybody’s happy. Client’s..Me…and of course their guests!

The Team

Designer – Nicole Scott Designs

Contractor – MAC Renovations

IKEA kitchen – IKAN Installations

Murphy Bed – Murphy Wall Beds of Canada