HeroWork – Apt for Homeless Youth




October 5, 2014


HeroWork and Threshold Society


As a member of HeroWork in 2014  I helped with this incredible design challenge….That was,  to furnish and decorate a 2 bdr apartment for youth at risk of homelessness for the Threshold Society of Victoria.


I contacted all my clients, suppliers, friends and family to help gather the furniture and accessories I needed to make the space amazing. And boy did they come through! In no time at all I had everything I needed to furnish the apartment. And all for FREE! Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it.


This unit turned into a cool, bright, fun and stylish pad that any 20-something would be proud to call home.  It is filled with comfort and thoughtful details that I truly hope make the days brighter for the young people who will live there.

I can’t express my gratitude enough and also my amazement at the transformation

"Mark Muldoon - Executive Director Threshold Society, Victoria"