Kitchen in Langford


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August 12, 2017


Kelly and Shaun


Update a dated kitchen in Langford on a tight budget. Faux Beams on the ceiling, pink tiles and layers of linoleum oh my!

The Method

My client’s loved the IKEA option for cabinets so we customized the island in Navy panels from Semi-handmade and they did the work themselves to save $$. A few surpises included ants and the floors had to be leveled before tiling. Patiently waiting for appliance sales also paid off for this family. well done peeps!

The Results

A welcoming kitchen filled with colourful accents that my client collects.  I hope they invite me over for dinner 🙂

The Team

Design – Nicole Scott Designs Inc.

Construction – Client’s did it themselves

Tile Work – Dan Chouinard

Cabinets – IKEA

Quartz Counter Top – FloForm

Blue Island Panels – Semi Handmade