Langford – Living Room




July 17, 2015


Long room with a fireplace in an odd spot. Didn’t want the layout the builder was dictating so I switched it (I dont like being told where to put things:). So I had a dining pendant (splurge) installed in what was supposed to be living room instead. The TV living room is downstairs, all they needed was conversation seating in this space. Also challenged to use allot of the existing heavy wood furniture.


Paint! I chose a dark blue/gray to work with the slate stone fireplace. This immediately modernized the space and stole some thunder from the fireplace which was fine by me.  Swapped their suburban chairs with some inexpensive distressed leather lovelies and accessorized the heck outa that place.


The result is a cool and calm space filled with treasures and oddities that they love.  It is super functional even though we disobeyed the intended layout and the budget remained in tact by using thrifted, inherited and saavy shopping scores!

Excellent use of awkward space. So, us…love it!