Laundry Room – Langford


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July 3, 2016


The young family in this project needed a super functional laundry space plus a dog shower and storage for the central vac hose, boots, brooms and misc.  The layout was terrible, the machines were weak we all agreed it had to go!


We reconfigured the layout including moving the door opening and adding a barn door.  They made the barn door themselves (seriously!) and we decided on IKEA cabinets and butcher block top to create a generous laundry folding area.  The large dog shower accommodates their goofy labradoodle with a few inches to spare for boots and brooms along the wall.  A deep blue on the wall adds a bit of drama and we paired it with the client’s bright and colourful vintage accents.


She says it’s her happy place. what more can I say!