March 2, 2011

Reveling in John Robshaw

Uh oh, I know I know not another fabric post! but I can’t help it. My heart beats faster I fall in love with these textiles and I feel like it’s my duty to share them with you and to convince my husband that more pillows and duvet covers are needed because….

While I work on getting my story straight look at these block printed linens by John Robshaw and tell me the designs don’t say Spring/Summer?!?  In the winter the patterns incorporate more earthy tones like rust and brown and these cool colours are a sure sign that Spring is coming; far more reliable that those groundhogs wouldn’t you say?!!

In my opinion the California Casual look is always in style, but if you need confirmation that it is in full swing for 2011 come back next week when I showcase some amazing California Casual options and where to get them in Victoria!


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March 2, 2011


Nicole Scott

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