September 5, 2015

Schoolhouse Style

Back to school season is here, and there is a welcome slow down to the frantic pace of summer renovations!  When I think of school I think about schoolhouse style and although some of these enduring elements have been with us for awhile, they are still high on my list when decorating eclectic interior spaces for clients. Truth be told, I have schoolhouse light fixtures throughout my front hallway and kitchen…I really do love’em.

My suggestion for keeping a schoolhouse pendant looking current is to go big, and a spin on the usual milk glass is a clear, or tinted glass, bowl. Beauty!




Another favourite of mine is the classic leather stool.  CB2 has such an affordable and good looking option that I pitch them allot!

roadhouse-leather-barstools 319

What could be more schoolhouse than a chalk board right? I’m kind of over the messy look of black chalk board walls – but I do love’em for little peeps, and especially in play rooms.  This adorable chalkboard under the chair rail is a temporary solution to occupy a creative toddler. Genius! And in a few years you can repaint it whatever you want.


The classic notebook is a stylish school accessory that I tend to collect. I use them for client meetings, making lists and giving the illusion that I’m more organized than I really am. 😉


Happy Back to School!

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September 5, 2015


Nicole Scott

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