July 29, 2011

Stroke of Genius

Last spring I challenged my husband to select a piece of art from 20×200 because I didnt want to dominate our walls with my own selections.  One of his choices was this one by artist Jorge Colombo, but the intersting part is that he painted it on his iphone using the Brushes App.

Jorge Colombo

The great thing about this medium is that the artists whip up these pieces in less than 20-30 minutes, and they all agree that the convenience and the fact that there is no clean up make it an artists dream! I like this one by Stef Kardos of the Pasadena Club.

Stef Kardos

Not all the paintings are smudgy like these that Ive featured…I just happen to like this style. Check out the app for yourself, or google around for your favoutite iphone artist! Have a great weekend.!

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July 29, 2011


Nicole Scott

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