November 14, 2012

Subway Sign DIY

If you were one of the lucky peeps who joined us down at the Trade Roots Store in October to make Subway Signs…it was soooo nice to meet you! I had a blast and since my sample signs got hi-jacked by the store (just kidding – I let them have’em) I had to make another one.  This time I used a stretched canvas frame instead of the MDF just to give it a try…and I got it cheap at Winners on Clearance (like I do:)

And yes, I have started my holiday decorating…I had to. More on decorating with Industrial style for the holidays soon…

I painted the fugly clearance canvas in an off white flat paint and let it dry.  I then printed the letters in the Roadway font on Sticker paper from the office supply store. Cut out the letters individually and did some minor measuring to ensure straight line placement and good spacing. Once everything was stuck down I used flat black spray paint and I like the small amount of bleed under some of the letters. My favourite part actually! In the workshop I had people use a flat black latex and a roller…this works too. I just wanted to try the spray as well.

The ideas for this style of sign are endless, but I have to give credit to The Simple Kind of Life Blog for the tutorial of how she made an awesome version of her own that inspired me. Thanks Jessica!

If you’re interested in making a sign like this. (Or in a Christmas style/theme)  Contact me soon and we’ll get ‘ er done.


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November 14, 2012


Nicole Scott