April 4, 2011

Sweet Seat

Craigslist Rocks, that’s all I can say. And if you have the skills to bargain and the means to get an item home…all the better! I recently hauled two heavy wood chairs home for a steal and when I got them home K-Man was quite interested in the new smells. Yuck, who knows what was on there!

I stripped them down and got rid of the fabric which was disintegrating into a dusty mess, otherwise I would have saved it and used it as a pattern for making my new fabric cuts. K-Man still appears willing to help.

I found a great deal on some upholstery fabric at Capital Iron where I also bought new foam, batting and upholstery tacks. K-Man deserted the project shortly after the staple gun came out and the swearing began 🙂

They’re not perfect, that’s for sure. But they’ll do for now, and I have a new found appreciation for the upholstery business. These chairs are nice and solid so I will take them in and have them re-done by a professional…probably next year.

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April 4, 2011


Nicole Scott

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