July 4, 2016

Laundry Room in Langford

This laundry room in Langford might actually make you enjoy doing the wash.  A poorly designed original space made way for a dog shower, better machines and a large folding surface for piling – Oops I mean folding! the clothes and then promptly putting them away. We moved the door location and changed the layout […]

November 1, 2015

He was Everything

You might have noticed that I dropped outa sight for awhile recently.  The reason is simple, I have a broken heart. I had to say good-bye forever to my lovely boy, and constant companion of more than 12 years.  He was so smart, strong and handsome and he taught me everything I know about being […]

July 24, 2015

Langford BC Living Room

Who says that the suburbs have to be boring?  This builder home layout is repeated throughout the clients westshore development but changing up its tired palette and predictable layout has made this house totally unique.  I switched around the location of the living and dining areas and had an electrician add a junction box for […]

October 3, 2012

Taking A Moment

Hi Peeps, I’m taking a moment to care for my best friend…I’ll be back in a few:)

July 15, 2012

Bad Dog – Good Market

  This weekend my husband and I took advantage of the lovely weather and sat outside on Saturday evening with the neighbors. Meanwhile the dog remained in the house having been walked, fed and watered.  We figured what could go wrong?…Apparently he thinks we have one of these (see hydrant) at the top of the […]

January 21, 2012

Puppy Love

If you know me, you know that K-man is the center of my universe. We don’t have kids so he’s everything…and I mean everything to my husband and I!  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome devil too.                   So now that you’ve seen what a cutie […]

July 13, 2011

6 Things

6 Things Bravo should do to make Million Dollar Decorators more interesting. 1. Allow the assistants, helpers and moving men to have their own  monologue opportunities during which they can trash talk their boss(es). That would be entertaining! Focus more on the canine companions of these Diva’s. Show their dog loving and compassionate sides…quick!! 2. Kathryn’s Greta […]

January 29, 2011

The Dish on Bowls

When decorating your home or office don’t overlook the dog beds and dishes that are usually in plain sight.  These items are WELL used in our home and they look it. My dog is a big guy and he has a little bench with bowls in our front entry which is functional but a little sad looking. Same […]

October 26, 2010

It’s Scary

It’s a Pig, …..It’s a Dog,….Oh wait, It’s Nicole with too much time on her hands…Scary

September 18, 2010

Good Deeds

Great Canadian shoreline Clean-up this weekend! I was lucky this year to have such an upscale beach to work on… Thanks Victoria, you are so clean! On my way home I doubled down on my good deeds as I saw a little black dog on the road.  I managed to catch her and brought her […]