June 20, 2015

Boys Room – Paper to Reality

I get asked all the time about my process, how I work for people, and I’m happy to share.  After I get to know you and your wish list for a space I develop a plan within your budget that includes a mash up of product images I have carefully selected to fit within all […]

August 31, 2012

Kid Stuff

One of my most exciting projects at the moment is the re-decoration of a newborn baby boys room and that of  his toddler sister.  As often happens, Baby Mamma and I started out talking about the boys room ,looking at some options and then we added the girls room to the project too. I love […]

March 14, 2011

Kool Kid Art

I’ve spent some time recently researching Art pieces for baby and childrens rooms and I have to say…. YAWN. Most everything is s0000o predictable and really not that inspiring.  Decals seeem to still be a  hot trend, but I’m not really feeling it so  I’ve found a few pieces I think would rock a kid/baby space so here […]