August 13, 2015

Tile News Worth Celebrating

No, I’m not celebrating my client’s bathroom tile just yet…although it’s pretty good! I’m telling you that a new pentagon has been discovered by the math genius world and it has implications for “designerds” like myself.  Here’s the skinny.  The concept of the plane is that if you can cover a flat surface using only identical copies of the same shape leaving neither gaps nor overlaps, then that shape is said to tile the plane. All triangles and squares can do this…but pentagons have to be special and apparently there have only been 14 discovered, EVER, that can.  And now there is a new one! Introducing the 15th pentagon, sexy heh?

new pentagon

Pentagons are cool, and really we see them everywhere in science and nature. Consider crystal formations and viruses, they all fit together and create a larger piece in very much the same way as these odd little shapes. Here’s what all the pentagons known to man look like. Let me know if you want a pentagon in that powder room of yours, I can hook you up!

types of pentagons

source here

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August 13, 2015


Nicole Scott

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