January 15, 2013

t– USEDay Victoria

It happens now and then…I’m thinking about an item and then BAM there it is. Sometimes it’s on usedvictoria and sometimes in a store. But man do I love it when it happens.  Today is one of those days peeps, and although my West Elm wanderings were delayed by Mother Nature toying with Vancouver-ites (tee hee), I’m not the least bit sad because I found this…..

Ta Freakin Da!


And, let me just say that I’m sorry I couldn’t share this one with you as a piece that is available to purchase… because… well… I’m buying it for a client and I’m gonna go pick it up this weekend. I know you’ll understand, and hate me a little because it’s awesome. It’s ok. I can put those negative feelings in one of the 45 drawers until you love me again.

Later this spring I’ll show you how I’m using it in the re-design of the home office of a card collector. Couldn’t be more perfect!

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January 15, 2013


Nicole Scott