February 28, 2016

Wallpaper Winning

I have set my sights on a powder room with bare walls and somehow….some way ….my client and I are going to choose from all the amazing wallpaper options available.

This is not your grandma’s wall paper – the design and selection are outrageously beautiful and I want to paper everything! Check out this round up of wallpaper goodness I collected and tell me you don’t want to find a spot in your home for some papier peint pronto!


1. Missprint Mountain with Red Sun / 2. Jocelyn Warner Tree Tops / 3. Paper Mills Osprey / 4. Jocelyn Warner Cube Star / 5.  Teleo Ink Blots / 6. Paper Mills Little Havana / 7. Paper Mills Atellier / 8. Jocelyn Warner Leaf Gold / 9. Teleo Floral Graffiti / 10. Graham and Brown Frames / 11. Paper Mills Pablo

And ….if that scared you a bit – here are some amazing neutral papers that make me equally as happy 🙂


12. Schumacher Queen of Spain / 13. Schumacher Ripple / 14. Thibault Danube Ikat

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February 28, 2016


Nicole Scott

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