July 24, 2013

Want to go shopping? Yes, I WOOD!

If you have been following along, I’m having a custom piece of furniture made…oooh la la! And because this is my first time, it’s pretty big, and I just knew that all of you out there wanted the details too because it’s not every day that you get something made Just For You!  To re-cap, I teamed up with the wonderful and talented dudes at Trade Roots (Christos and Cristian) and they rendered some drawings of my table concept.  Click here to see the table design they did for me.  The next step was to go shopping…woohoo, but it wasn’t exactly the mall. we went here…

the place

PJ White hardwoods on David Street is full to the ceiling with beautiful and exotic wood products.  We chose maple in order to stay within my budget…

the selection

There are three shelves to build and in order to get the proper depth the boards shown (above) here will be joined together…that’s a carpentry term…(I was paying attention:).  Christos and I pulled out lots of potential candidates and he showed me how he looks for special burls and movement in the grain that will look sharp after staining. We were also looking for straight boards without major flaws…

his pick

Christos was a little camera shy but he does love him some wood and wanted me to capture the raw maple for posterity…nice boards man!

my pick

iPhone’s are wonderful things, but it’s safe to say this pic is among the worst iPhone atrocities in recent memory. I do look pleased though, we found all the wood for the shelves. Stay tuned for next steps!

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July 24, 2013


Nicole Scott