February 1, 2012

Week 3 – One step forward…

This week I worked on my bedside tables…I feel like I busted out of the gates ready to get’er done and now it’s like I’m a bit stalled with this painting project.  As you all know things rarely go as you think they will and so I improvised with the painting and distressing, giving up the gold paint idea (which didn’t show up at all) for simple brown stain and I opted to polyurethane them after all, because the semigloss wasn’t quite glossy enough.  Maybe it’s the fumes that cause me to forget how involved these seemingly “simple” projects can be…Oh and BTW it’s freezing outside and that makes me work super fast and of course…make more mistakes!

In any event, here is the product of my labour last weekend. More sanding painting and then finally got to the distressing.















Of course, my husband liked them just black and didn’t understand why I had to “wreck them” after working so hard on the painting…but you guys understand, right? That’s why I love you, cause you get me and don’t make me come up with complicated answers as to why I “wreck” my stuff and think it looks better than it did before. 🙂

Anywayyyyy…I have several coats of poly left to apply to get some sheen back in the black and because it’s super wet outside the drying time is looooong. Next week I should have a finished product and a more impressive picture.

 Grasscloth vs Painting:


There is no doubt that these wall papers are lovely but I’ve decided to paint instead.  I’ve never hung wallpaper before. The budget for the paper is double the cost of the paint I will need, and I figured I would have to order from an online source which is dicey sometimes, esp when you’ve never dealt with the vendor before.  So that’s it. decision made…so long paper and hello paint!


DIY Art projects. OK There is a reason Art is expensive, cause it’s hard! Girlz if you can do it, then I give you loads of credit!!  Sadly I’ve tried my hand at three different projects this week, all of which have been pretty terrible. 1st a copy cat of a favourite painting…boooo how dare I think this would work; 2nd a geometric multi coloured disaster; and 3rd…I was inspired by this Gotye video to attempt yet another geometric design…wahw wahw whaaw 🙁

At least you can listen to the song…if you’re not sick of it by now.


Maybe I need to start thinking about a mirror instead?

Hope your projects are going great!!


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February 1, 2012


Nicole Scott